Earth Friendly LLC

Our mission at Earth Friendly is to make certain all the products that we sell ensure the sustainability of the planet we live on. Our focus is to source quality products from organizations that guarantee fair wages, ensure no child labor and are involved in the communities to ensure their well being and education .

MO toys are colored using natural dyes.

Blue : Extracts from the Indigo plant
Yellow : Turmeric Powder
Orange : Kanchi KumKum and Turmeric and other natural ingredients
Red : Kanchi KumKum and Natural Alizarin
Dark Brown : Extracts from the Ratanjyoti tree
Light Brown : Extracts from Katha

Please visit the Maya Organic website at to learn about the great work that this organization does within the community and the framework that ensures consistent and quality products.


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All Maya Organic toys marketed in the U.S. have been tested and found to be compliant with ASTM standards.
Exclusively Imported in the United States by Earth Friendly, LLC.


We encourage you to visit the Maya Organic website at and read about the great work that this organization does within the community and it's process to ensure the quality of its products.