Protect from impact / sharp blows: Lac is a brittle material that is applied as a thin surface coating on toys. Sharp blows and impact due to hitting against hard surfaces can result in the lac chip-ping off from the surface.

Protect from alcohol / spirits: Lac dissolves in spirit. Contact with spirit/ alcohol can damage the lac coating and the bright shining look.

Protect from fire and hot surfaces: Wood is a combustible material and can catch fire if directly brought in contact with fire. Contact with hot surfaces can damage the lac coating.

Protect from water/moisture: Contact with water or prolonged exposure to moisture can result in the absorp-tion of moisture into the wood through unprotected surfaces such as holes and joints. The resulting expansion and contraction of wood can lead to the pealing off of the lac coating.

Protect from Sun: Lacware toys are indoor toys. Direct exposure to sun light for long periods can result in the fading away of the bright colors.

Cleaning: Lacware toys should be cleaned with a dry cloth. When required the toys can be wiped with a moist cloth and should immediately be dried with a dry towel

All Maya Organic toys marketed in the U.S. have been tested and found to be compliant with ASTM standards.
Exclusively Imported in the United States by Earth Friendly, LLC.