Lowongan kerja Bandung 2022 Branch Chief Engineer

Branch Chief Engineer

PT. Bobobox Mitra Indonesia

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

As a Branch Chief Engineer, you lead, direct & guide the Engineering & maintenance operation in the branch to insure high standards of building, machinery, plant. furniture, fixture & equipment in all the departments in order to achieve an excellent level of guest satisfaction & profitability in an environment of high employee morale.

This role reports directly to the Head of Branch Operations. You’ll arrive with a career experience of building teams from scratch, site support maintenance systems that tie directly to the core business of the organization.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering.
  • Minimum 3 (three) years of experience as a Leader in the Engineering Department at hotel or resort property.
  • Willing and able to travel frequently all across Bobobox branches in Indonesia.
  • Fluent in English verbally and written.
  • Personal Quality at : Safety first, Cost saving oriented, Creative, Attention to detail , Curiosity obsessed, and Neat organizer.

Responsibilities :

A. Administration

  • To be fully in charge and responsible for the smooth function of the department’s administration, including the maintenance of an efficient filing system.
  • To make sure that all documents related to the operation of the department are being kept up to date and that all records are correctly maintained and filed, including the applicable code compliance certificates and local authority inspection reports for the property and its systems.
  • To assume full responsibility for the preparation and timely submission of all reports.
  • To maintain a comprehensive library of manuals and parts list of all operational equipment, as well as a complete set of up to date drawings of all areas and systems.
  • To ensure that the Engineering activities are aligned with the Engineering Corporate Strategy, and that the Hotel Actions have been implemented where appropriate.
  • To represent the Engineering function on the Branch Operations.
  • To oversee the preparation and update of the Departmental Operations Manuals.
  • To conduct regular departmental communications meetings and ensure that departmental briefings and meetings are effective and conducted as necessary.

B. Strategic

  • Develops systems and procedures which ensure safety for customers, employees, plants, machinery and property.
  • Defines service standards regarding maintenance in all areas of the hotel & ensures adherence to these.
  • Prepares preventive maintenance schedules and ensures adherence.
  • Directs budgeting process for all apical expenditure in order to ensure that the property is maintained to the best industry standards.
  • Identifies & develops new equipment & materials to enhance the product quality.
  • Identifies and inducts environment friendly systems and equipment.
  • Develops an overall plan and strategy for optimizing use of energy.

C. System

  • Guides the team in day to day operations of the branch
  • Ensures liaison with relevant Government agencies to ensure compliance of various statutory requirements
  • Recommends change in methods/equipment/staff to improve departmental standards/productivity.
  • Coordinates and prioritizes maintenance activity of room & public area with Branch Operation Manager/Resort Manager.
  • Directs the organization of work within the department, including assignments, time schedule & vocations.
  • Ensures adherence to company & branch policies by departmental employees.
  • Ensures that all renovated areas as per required standards & specification prior to taking over from projects.
  • Constantly monitors key performance indicators for the department & takes corrective action, as & when required.
  • Ensures spare parts & material available at all time in stores by proper planning.
  • Attends any legal cases pertaining to the Engineering side.

D. Financial

  • To assume full responsibility for the cost-effective operation of the engineering Department.
  • To keep accurate records and monitor closely all engineering budget expenditures.
  • To proactively manage costs based on key performance indicators while still delivering the brand promise to the guest.
  • To allocate and countersign all invoices chargeable to the Engineering budget before they are processed and charged.
  • To establish an efficient system for the control and verification of all fuel deliveries to the premises.
  • To establish an efficient system for the control and verification of all utilities delivered to and consumed in the property.
  • To maximise employee productivity through the use of multi-skilling, multi-tasking and flexible scheduling to meet the financial goals of the business as well as the expectations of the guests.
  • To strategically analyse business performance to facilitate accurate and meaningful forecasting
  • . To ensure that all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to financial record keeping, money handling and licensing are adhered to, including the timely and accurate reporting of financial information.


  • To supervise closely all SSM personnel in the performance of their duties, and delegate duties and responsibilities, as required.
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for all equipment at Bobobox Hotel and Bobocabin.
  • To coordinate and, if so requested, supervise special projects and employment of outside contractors.
  • To establish a well organised Engineering store and closely control inventory.
  • To implement a comprehensive elevator emergency procedure and initiate employee training on emergency release procedures with the elevator manufacturer’s agent.
  • To inspect the entire building with particular attention to defective or deficient life safety features and to observe closely the condition of all operating equipment. Specific attention must be given to areas of difficult access.
  • To work closely with the Branch Operations Manager in preparation and implementation of an Emergency Response Plan and the operation and maintenance of all life safety and security systems.
  • To advise the Head of Branch Operations of potential improvements to the operation.
  • To work with Materials Management for the most economic purchase of parts and consumables and to write clear and concise purchase requests for each item.
  • To conduct training courses for SSM personnel in life safety and fire fighting, in conjunction with the People and Culture Department.
  • To control and monitor closely all utility consumption, to ensure optimum energy usage by all departments in the Hotel, notifying the Head of Branch Operations of areas of utility wastage that could be reduced/eliminated.
  • To establish, control and monitor closely all environmental awareness and protection program, to ensure adherence by all departments in the branch, notifying the Head of Branch Operations of areas that need improvement in environmentally responsible practices.
  • To ensure that the property, its systems and the operational procedures comply with all the prevailing local and national codes, notifying the Head of Branch Operations of areas of non-compliance, if any.
  • To maximise the energy efficiency of all equipment, notifying the Head of Branch Operations of energy-inefficient equipment that should be replaced.
  • To assume full charge of building maintenance and guest room and public area renovations.
  • To establish a regular planned guest room servicing program.
  • To supervise the maintenance of gardens and grounds, including road surfaces.
  • To be fully responsible for the implementation of all company life safety procedures.
  • To assume overall responsibility for the functioning of all alarm systems and fire fighting equipment.
  • To make sure that SSM Personnel work in a supportive and flexible manner with other departments

F. Staff / Training

  • Ensures department employees are fully trained through constant on the job training
  • Ensures attendance on behavioural and vocational training in own and related areas to enhance skills and encourage multifunctionality
  • Personally conduct key trainings
  • Ensures career development and succession planning for subordinates
    Uses Bobobox appraisal system to review the performance of direct subordinates and determine their development needs
  • Recommends hiring, promotion, increment, disciplinary action, performance reviews.
  • Ensures department employee are fully trained on all hotel system, procedures to ensure safety requirements
  • Counsels subordinates in personal and work related matters
  • Motivates and encourages team building in the Engineering Department.
  • Keep abreast of latest developments in Hotel engineering.


Informasi Tambahan

Tingkat Pekerjaan
Manajer/Asisten Manajer

Sarjana (S1)

Pengalaman Kerja
3 tahun

Jenis Pekerjaan
Penuh Waktu

Spesialisasi Pekerjaan
Bangunan/Konstruksi, Teknik Sipil/Konstruksi Bangunan


Tentang Perusahaan

Travel is not only about coming to a city, visiting places, and going home. The real journey is when you get to be a part of the locals, taste local foods, and experience the local culture. Since 2017, Bobobox exists to offer a different experience for travelers to enjoy the perfect journey. Bobobox connects travelers, from pods to the city.

Bobobox is Indonesia’s hottest capsule hotel franchise startup in Bandung, the accomodation service combined with technology and IoT for smart travelers and millenial adventurers.


Informasi Tambahan Perusahaan

Ukuran Perusahaan
51 – 200 pekerja

Waktu Proses Lamaran
28 hari


Tunjangan dan Lain-lain
Asuransi kesehatan, Kasual (contoh: Kaos)

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